Before Jacqueline Craig there was Zakirah Sanford

Before a Fort Worth PD officer was caught on camera assaulting Ms. Craig and her daughter another mother and daughter were assaulted by a group of Fort Worth Police Officers.  The incident occurred in the same neighborhood on the last day of school in June of 2014.  A group of kids gathered outside of Ms. Sanford’s home.  The kids were saying their good-bye’s for the summer.  The kids were not causing a disturbance or damaging property.  The kids lived in that neighborhood.
After a few minutes, a Fort Worth police car arrived, but the office did not exit according to witnesses.  A few minutes later a second car arrived, but again according to witnesses the officers did not exit.  Finally a third Fort Worth Police car arrived.  At that point the kids decided they would disburse and go home.  As the kids tried to leave the officers detained them.  According to witnesses, unhappy with being told by a group of black kids that they had no right to harass them the officers started yelling and using profanity.  Watching it all from her front door, Ms. Sanford, an Honorably Discharged Army Vet that served in Afghanistan stepped out and asked the officers why they yelling and cursing at the kids.  According to Ms. Sanford, the officers began cursing and yelling at her.  When she refused to go back inside of her home, one of the officers tackled her to the ground and stood on her.  Ms. Sanford’s leg was broken just above the ankle as a result of the tackle.  She was wearing a skirt and was exposed.  The officer that was standing on her refused to allow any of the girls to pull her skirt down so she would not be exposed.
Ms. Sanford was arrested on charges of resisting arrest.  The District Attorney rejected the case.

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